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Tips for dating


1. Upload a profile photo.


It goes without saying that pictures leave us with strong and lasting impression. A good  photo helps us to take a liking to someone or start a relationship. When choosing a photo for your profile try to pick up that image that will attract attention and will immediately reveal who you are. Try to awake ladys’ interest, yet, what is important,  always be yourself and  get rid of all the complexes. There is a belief that "a picture is worth a thousand words".We really believe it.


2. Be honest.


Honesty is your way to success. Do not be afraid to talk about yourself. Do not invent fantastic stories which are untrue. Try to be yourself, because the truth will out. It always appears eventually, despite all efforts to hide it. Do not disappoint a girl who opens her heart to you, do not deceive her. Believe it or not, every man has his own  good qualities that are worth mentioning. Do not waste your time on lies, you’d better honestly fill out the form on our site, tell about your hobbies or your favorite music and so on.  There are definitely lots of girls on our website who will fall in love with you for what you really are.


3. Writing your first letter.


This is a very important step as far as it determines all of your further correspondence. Try to sparkle an interest in a girl, draw attention to yourself as a personality. Tell her why you're on this site, and what goals you pursue. Tell her what kind of person you are, what kind of music you are fond of. It may happen that she will fall in love with you at first sight from your very first letter. However, it should be remembered that the first letter should not be  huge and boring. Do not tell her all about yourself right off. Let the girl learn you  better and better gradually with every new letter you send her. And finally do not forget the previous advice-be sincere.


4. Get to know her better.


If even one picture can turn the head and cause the heart to beat faster, then imagine what a pleasure the video can bring. You can view a pre-recorded video of a girl which is attached to her profile( if she found it necessary to upload this video). This will give you an opportunity to get to know her better, to see the beauty of the girl and make sure it is the hot Russian girl you have dreamed of. Browse videos with girls, enjoy watching them. Pay compliments to those girls you like. It may happen that  from watching  a girl’s video your love story  begins. Thus fall in love at first sight while watching videos on our website.


5. Send a private video message.


You have the opportunity not only to exchange messages and photos, you can send a video message to your Russian girl-friend. What a brilliant idea to record a video message, reveal your feelings or describe your new experience, then send it to a girl and wait for a response. Make use of this option and  she will definitely appreciate it. Your heart-to-heart communication will become even more colorful and rich. Use every opportunity to get closer to each other.


6. See her right now!


Online Chat is a great tool to get to know each other in real time. While communicating you are looking at her smile, her beautiful body and getting a sheer enjoyment out of such a comfortable online date. Live Chat will give you an opportunity to become better acquainted with Russian girls, understand their soul and culture. The time spent in the chat may be the best time spent on the site, as every moment spent here leaves you with a lot of overwhelming and deep impressions.  It is really well worth trying!


7. Listen to her voice.


When using Voice - Chat, you can both see and hear your beautiful companion. This is a new level of your relationship. Getting closer every day you push up all the boundaries between you two. Her voice fills your heart with a beautiful melody of love.


8. Ask for her phone number.


If you followed the previous steps and feel you are ready to develope your relationship. If you are sure that she is the one or you are madly in love with her, it is high time to reach the new level. Do not hesitate, ask for the girl’s personal contact information, and come to visit her or set a place and time where you can meet in person. Be prepared for the fact that she might be frightened of such a turn of events, yet do not worry, just tell her how much you care.


9. Stay positive!


Find the time to learn about your Russian girl-friend’s culture, her country and customs. Remember that you are from a completely different society, however it not a problem, but an advantage. You have something to share with each other, you have a lot of stories to tell. In spite of everything try to maintain a positive mood and enjoy every minute of communication with your beautiful foreigner. After all, despite the distance that separates you, you have one thing in common -the desire to be happy.


10. Do not give up!


Any relationship may come to an end and  there is a million reasons for this. Some couples separate after 10 years of happy marriage, and others split up  in two weeks after they met. If you have not met your soul mate it does not mean that you will be alone all your life. It only means your time has not come yet. Listen to your favorite music, write a letter to a beautiful girl and wait for her answer. Maybe she is looking just for you. And remember that everything will be great! Be open to new experiences, be open to the idea that it may take longer than you want, but if you're open to meeting new people and new adventures, then love will come along.

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