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Anti-Scam Protection

   We are really devoted to our job and try to work properly. One of our main aims is to provide our customers with100% safe and secure environment. It is our mutual interest, because we have built up a fine reputation and do not want to lose it. Everything on our site is aimed at bringing you sheer enjoyment keeping in touch with charming Ukrainian women and nothing should distract you from this. New technologies are applied on to make your communication as realistic as possible. All the facilities are available to help you get to know a woman you like before you decide to meet her in real life. It should be mentioned that our services go far beyond the Internet. We arrange tours to meet charming and beautiful Ukrainian women and provide our customers with all the necessary (an interpreter, a car, a hotel room, a guide, etc.). The result is stunning - a lot of marriages, happy fate, loving hearts, letters of thanks and testimonials on our website, which prove that everything we do, is vital. This fact brings us real job satisfaction and makes us do our best.

   We all have heard about many dating sites, which are suspected of unfair practices. They are notorious for fake profiles or photos of women, and e-mails written by specially trained people. The only way to find out that you are really talking to a woman you see on a photo is to see her via webcam, yet such fakes often refuse using video chat. On our website you can be absolutely sure that you are safe and all your rights are protected. We guarantee you will be free from any kinds of fraud.

   Our site has two levels of protection against fraud. First level protects website users and our reputation against any cases of fraud, and the second one is a special Anti-Scam protection system. We check all the women-members of our website. This is necessary in order to prevent the site members from people who pursue an aim to swindle money out them. To protect our users from fraud, we check and confirm every profile posted on the website. Each woman's profile is confirmed by our independent representative who verifies the identity of each woman separately - through interviewing her and verification of her passport data. Our representatives follow strict rules for data validation, which are strictly observed. Thus we exclude the possibility of fake profiles and can assure you that all the profiles and pictures of women correspond to the real women who are interested in establishing serious relationship and finding love. Besides you can get added evidence that your girl-friend is real and is the very woman you see on her avatar by inviting her to the video chat room. Actually many dating sites claim that they take strict actions against fraudsters and scammers and do not tolerate fraud. On Beautiful-russian-bride, we do not only declare, we GUARANTEE you protection from scam.

   Our team regularly checks the female members of the site by phone. The inspection shall include proof of identity and check of passport details. The main guarantee for our male users is the opportunity to talk to a woman in the Live Video at any time when she is online. This ensures that any third person concerned will communicate with you on behalf of your woman. Our program has been adjusted to and coordinated with other marriage agencies from Eastern Europe, in order to prevent attempts of fraud with profiles. Moreover we do not invite women who just pretend to be interested in establishing relationship, yet who are trying to get a pecuniary advantage out of using the dating website. All the women on Beautiful-russian-bride are motivated by a deep desire to find a decent husband and long-term relationship. Besides, women on the website are strictly forbidden to ask for money or gifts. It is up to a man whether to present a woman with anything.

   Our main strengths is a dedicated team of professionals focused on fighting fraud and cheating and innovative technologies implemented on which easily define and outwit dishonest users.

   It is of great importance for us to keep an absolute confidence of our clients and give them an opportunity at any time to make sure that they are not cheated. Our member can verify some information from woman's profile by using the live chat where he can ask any questions and talk with a woman. Moreover he can use Live Video and has a chance to see a woman he likes. When buying and sending any gift to a woman, a client receives back a photo of a woman taken at the moment she is receiving this gift. This image helps to confirm that the woman you keep in touch is real and the same as in the pictures from her profile on our dating site.

   Almost all the anti-scam procedures are established to check women yet all of them are respectful of their dignity. Women are aware and understand that our measures are intended to protect the site and members against fraud and win a good reputation. We professionally and properly treat all members of the site - men and women. We strive to make our website an ideal and safe place for socializing, dating, establishing relationships, finding a person for marriage and happy future.

   As you can see we do our best to make you feel secure. Despite the fact that we have the right to verify the identity of women and that we are taking every effort to protect you from scamming, unfortunately no one can be 100% sure about honesty of people. The true intentions of people often remain hidden. Nevertheless we can guarantee that we will eventually expose fraud and will not allow any scam, if such appear.

   Make your contribution to the safety of our website! If you got any information, compromising any woman from our site, if you have come through painful or bad experiences on our dating site, please let us know immediately. We are always ready to respond in a short time to eliminate your problem. If you find that one of the women is a fraud, her profile will be immediately deleted and strict sanctions will be imposed on her. However you should not forget that a woman you keep in touch with lives in another country and speaks a foreign language. Even if she is trying to speak your language, different random awkward situations may occur because of translation inaccuracy. If you have any doubts, ask some additional questions, before making any hasty negative conclusions.

   You can be sure that our work is aimed at helping you! Thank you for choosing our website!


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